Air Jordan 1

   Fake jordan 1 is nike jordan series of the first generation of basketball shoes, was born in 1985, because this is the nba's first pair of black and red matching shoes, so let everyone remember it for the first time.

  Fake Air Jordan 1 Story

  The fake Air Jordan 1 is one of the most iconic and influential sneakers of all time, and its story begins in 1984 when Nike signed a young basketball player named Michael Jordan. At the time, Nike was primarily known for its running shoes, and the company saw an opportunity to break into the basketball market by creating a signature shoe for Jordan.

Nike designer Peter Moore was tasked with designing the fake Jordan 1, and he drew inspiration from a variety of sources, including the Nike Dunk and the Air Force 1. The resulting fake Jordan 1, which was released in 1985, featured a high-top silhouette, a Nike swoosh on the side, and Jordan's iconic "Wings" logo on the ankle.

Despite some controversy surrounding the best fake Air Jordan 1's high-top design (which some experts argued could increase the risk of ankle injuries), the fake Air Jordan 1 was an instant hit with basketball fans and sneaker collectors alike. The fake Jordan 1's bold design, combined with Jordan's on-court success and off-court star power, helped to establish Nike as a major player in the basketball world.

Over the years, the fake Air Jordan 1 has been released in a wide variety of colorways and collaborations, with each iteration adding to the shoe's legendary status. Today, the fake Air Jordan 1 remains one of the most popular and sought-after sneakers of all time, and its influence can be seen in countless other sneaker designs and fashion trends.

  Fake Air Jordan 1 introduction

The Air Jordan 1 was designed by Peter Moore, who drew inspiration from several other Nike designs, including the Nike Dunk and the Air Force 1. The fake Air Jordan 1 features a high-top silhouette with a padded collar and tongue for added comfort and support.

One of the most distinctive features of the fake Jordan 1 is the Nike swoosh on the side, which is larger and bolder than on most other Nike sneakers. The fake Jordan 1 also features Jordan's iconic "Wings" logo on the ankle, which represents his ability to fly on the basketball court.

In terms of technology, the fake Air Jordan 1 was designed to be lightweight and supportive, with a sole unit that provided cushioning and traction on the court. The fake Jordan 1's sole was made from a durable rubber material that provided excellent grip on the court, while the upper was made from a combination of leather and synthetic materials for durability and breathability.

Another notable feature of the fake Air Jordan 1 is the wide range of colorways and collaborations that have been released over the years. From classic black and red colorways to limited-edition collaborations with artists and fashion designers, the fake Air Jordan 1 has become a canvas for creativity and self-expression.

  1.Fake Air Jordan 1 High

  The original version of fake jordan 1 is also the most popular of all versions. The classic nine holes and color scheme will also be released in 2018 with various adaptations, but the high version of fake jordan 1 is still available. No matter how hard the other versions try, they still call the shoes big brother.

  2.Fake Air Jordan 1 Mid

  Mid version fake jordan 1 is the brother of High version, there is no difference between mid version and high version except that there are eight shoelace holes. Even the color matching is almost the same, but the price is much cheaper than high version. If you really want to buy a pair of fake jordan 1, but the money is not enough, you can consider this mid version.

  3.Fake Air Jordan 1 Low

  To be honest, the low fake jordan 1 is so rare that if you saw it you might think it was a nike sb, because the low fake jordan 1 doesn't look like a basketball shoe anymore, it looks more like a skateboard shoe, and its release date is not much different from that of nike sb, so you can assume that nike is treating the fake jordan 1 as a skateboard shoe.

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