Tony Shoe Payment Process

1. On the initial entry page, enter your personal email address to get a 5% discount coupon.

2. There is a menu bar at the top left of the mobile terminal, click "≡". If you are already a user of our website, you can directly click "Sign in" to log in. If you are not a user of our website, you can click "Create" to register. (Payment account process)
After entering the information required for registration, click "Create" to log in to our website. If you have an account, log in directly.
3. After logging in, enter the product page to be purchased. Select the size and quantity you want to buy on the product page. After the selection is complete, click "Buy Now", or you can add to the shopping cart and buy together later.
4. After clicking "BUY NOW", you will be redirected to this page and fill in your relevant information. If there is a discount code, you can fill in your discount code on the bottom to get the discount. After filling in the information, click "Continue to shipping".
5. After verifying that there is no error in the information, please click "Continue to payment".

6. After filling in the correct information of your bank card, complete the payment.